About Us

At ABD International, we are the bridge that connects ambition with opportunity. We harmonize international sales, cultural understanding, cutting-edge technology, and strategic innovation to empower businesses to conquer global markets. Our borderless approach transforms challenges into stepping stones and fuels growth without limits.
We are a strong and experienced team of international business development and sales experts spread across Europe. Get to know our leadership team:

Anastasia Mikhaylenko

Strategy and Business Development

Sascha Schiller

Operations and Project Management

Daniel Bl├╝mlhuber

Information and Technology
Our Vision
To reshape the world of business by pioneering a new era of borderless growth. We envision a global marketplace where cultural diversity and technological advancement converge, propelling businesses toward international success and meaningful connections.
Our Mission
To empower businesses to transcend boundaries and seize opportunities in global markets. We provide tailored strategies, cultural insights, and innovative solutions that propel growth and navigate complexities. With our expertise and technological prowess, we make international expansion seamless and transformative.
Our Customers
Our customers, encompassing niche B2B companies from high-tech sector to classical business, form the bedrock of our success. Through open dialogue, we forge collaborative partnerships, tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

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