Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a difference between business development and sales?

Sales primarily involves selling products or services to customers, focusing on converting leads into revenue. Business development is a broader approach that identifies growth opportunities, forms partnerships, and strategically expands the business, aiming for long-term growth beyond direct sales efforts. This is what we do at ABD International.

What do you do for your customers?

We are specialized in identifying, creating and processing growth possibilities for your business. This involves tasks such as market research, forming strategic partnerships, exploring new distribution channels, and creating targeted strategic plans. The overarching aim is to drive sustainable expansion, leading to increased revenue. 

How do you approach business development?

We approach it as a project with a clear definition of goals, interim steps and timeline.

Why do you approach it like a project? 

Approaching business development as a project brings structure, accountability, and focus to growth efforts. It also enables efficient resource allocation, risk management, and the ability to measure results. This method also promotes clear communication, flexibility to adapt strategies, and documentation of valuable insights for future endeavours. 

What steps are there within a project?

Overall, there are three steps we take with and for our customers, and they include Step 1 – Market research, Step 2 – Go-to-market strategy and Step 3 – Active sales.

What do you do at each step?

THINK. PREPARE. ACT. Our motto and your path to sales growth. ‘Think’ implies market research for insights. ‘Prepare’ means crafting the right business strategy. ‘Act’ is proactive sales – finding customers, demos, quotes, deals, and post-deal care. This turbocharges your deal pipeline.

How long does a project last?

On average, we need a month to accomplish Market research, a month to prepare Go-to-market strategy and six months for Active sales stage. In some cases we adjust the timeline depending on your need and urge and can also accomplish preparations, including Market research and Go-to-market strategy, sooner.

How open are you to new opportunities beyond the initial strategy?

We pride ourselves on our adaptability. Our strategy sets the course, but it’s our agile execution that reveals new opportunities. Quick wins are always on our radar and do matter. We’re all about iterations – constant contact, adjusting as needed. Your lead guides us, ensuring we seize every chance available.

Why not just provide sales consultancy without sales outsourcing?

Our extensive international business development experience highlights a gap between strategy creation and execution. At ABD International, we merge thinkers and doers. Market analysis specialists prepare the ground, crafting go-to-market strategies. Our business developers leverage this groundwork, securing new business with precision and purpose. This comprehensive approach ensures your optimal commercial growth results.

Why not simply outsource sales without any preparations?

ABD International stands apart from typical lead generation agencies; we’re your guiding force and active presence in the market. THINK. PREPARE. ACT. This approach’s success is evident in our 10-year track record of assisting diverse companies in international business development, transcending markets and geographies. Our goal? Your steady, enduring growth. We prioritize sustainable, long-term expansion over just quick wins, as it translates to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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