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Market research

Step 1

Provide clear market definition and market structure common for the chosen area
Estimate market capacity and choose highly potential market segments for your product
Identify regional geographical clusters and their priority depending on the growth potential
Make high level overview of competition landscape
Conduct detailed business analysis for top-5 most relevant competitors in the countries
Determine criteria for selecting ideal customer profile within high potential segments
Pre-define buyer persona within an ideal customer
Describe decision-making process specificity
Go-to-market strategy

Step 2

Create initial master target lists with company, contact and current product portfolio data
Develop value matrix for formulating your unique sales proposition
Define relevant sales channels for the European market
Identify best customer communication channels
Design templates to use in messaging for cold acquisition
Estimate projected sales growth
Active sales

Step 3

Keep generating, nurturing and managing sales qualified leads
Prospect via calls, emails, Linkedin and offline trade shows
Perform sales qualification according to the optimal sales methodology
Make demos and product presentations online and offline
Create and send quotes upon agreeing with you and signing off by you
Participate in request for information stage and close deals
Manage key accounts and act as a local customer success team on your behalf
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