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 What is a difference between business development and sales?

Sales is the process of selling products or services to customers, aiming to convert leads into revenue. Business development, on the other hand, involves broader strategies such as forming partnerships, exploring new markets, and identifying growth opportunities to expand the business. While sales is transactional, business development is strategic and focuses on long-term growth. This is what we do for your customers at ABD International.

What do you do for customers?

At ABD International, we help or customers identify growth opportunities, expand the market presence, and increase revenue. This involves market research to identify untapped markets, forming strategic partnerships and alliances, exploring new distribution channels, and creating expansion strategies. We also do lead generation, nurture client relationships, close deals and manage accounts. Essentially, we work to enhance our customers’ business ecosystem and maximize its growth potential.

How do you approach business development?

We approach it as a project with a clear definition of goals, interim steps and timeline.

Why do you approach it like a project?

Approaching business development as a project brings structure, accountability, and focus to growth efforts. It does enable efficient resource allocation, risk management, and the ability to measure results. This method also promotes clear communication, flexibility to adapt strategies, and documentation of valuable insights for future endeavours.

What steps are there within a project?

Overall there are three steps we take with and for our customers, and they include Step 1 – Market research, Step 2 – Go-to-market strategy and Step 3 – Active sales.

What do you need all these steps for?

THINK. PREPARE. ACT. This is our motto and a proven key to your sales growth.

By ‘thinking’ we mean conducting market research to know the playground.

By ‘preparing’ we speak about choosing the optimal go-to-market strategy for your business to help you guide your company to the direction of growth.

By ‘acting’ we imply doing proactive sales for you, from finding out your new customers to contacting them, talking to them and making product demos, assessing their needs to sending quotes and closing deals if you assign us to and manage these accounts after the deal is closed. This is a proactive phase where you see more deals appearing in and moving towards your pipeline.

How long does a project last?

On average, we need a month to accomplish Market research, a month to prepare Go-to-market strategy and six months for the Active sales stage. In some cases, we adjust the timeline depending on your need and urge and can also accomplish preparations, including Market research and Go-to-market strategy, sooner.

How flexible are you for new opportunities beyond the strategy?

We are agile and flexible.

Go-to-market strategy we create for you helps you define a way forward for your business, whereas staying agile, flexible and open-minded during its implementation helps us create more new business opportunities for you along the way and always be on the outlook for low-hanging fruits and quicker wins.

Having a direction only helps to keep extracting all the business opportunities out there for you!  

We prefer to work in iterations, in other words, staying in touch with you throughout your project and ensure we follow your lead to adjust along the way.

Why do you not simply outsource sales without any preparations?

ABD International is not just another leads generation agency. In fact, we are your head and hands in the market.

THINK. PREPARE. ACT. We see the results of following this approach and helping lots of companies with their international business development 10 years – no matter what market, geography and business type is, this works successfully.

We aim at your long-term steady grow and prefer to have not only quick wins but also ensure your business grow sustainably long-term.

For us, it means more happy and loyal customers.  

Why do you not simply do sales consulting without sales outsourcing?

Our extensive international business development experience shows us there is a clear gap between creating a strategy and implementing it. Those who create it may not necessarily deal with those who implement it, and such strategies are often times far from business reality.

At ABD International team, we have both thinkers and doers.

Marketing analysis specialists take care of preparing the ground for business developers by analysing the market and create go-to-market strategies. You own this preparation stage, and we shape the roadmap of your business.

Business developers rely on this firm ground of preparation stage and bring in new business for you making sure they know what they do, how they do it and what for.

Such a full-service approach ensures you get the best results for your commercial growth.  

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